About Us

About Cherut Ministries

Cherut Ministries was founded in 2017 by Cindy Reid, as a counseling ministry dedicated to helping couples with their relationships. We specialize in Temperament Therapy, a specific form of research-based counseling. Cherut Ministries provides information and temperament testing services. We also offer counselling sessions (both group and private) to individuals and couples seeking to prepare for or repair relationships.

Based in Tennessee, Cindy is a counselor, trained in Temperament Therapy through the Arno Profile System. She is also certified with the National Christian Counselor’s Association. She’s provided online and in-person counselling for over 8 years. She understands the complex issues surrounding relationships in today’s society.

About Cindy

Cindy is the mother of five children, now all grown, and lives with two of them on a farm in the backwoods of Tennessee. They raise rabbits, keep horses, dogs and cats, among other animals in an ever changing menagerie. Cindy loves the quietness of country living, the goodness of fresh, home grown vegetables, and the closeness of her family and friends.

Cindy is a devoted Christian, following Jesus and extending grace, even when she’d rather shake sense into people.  She’s not afraid to tell the truth, speaking straight to the heart of the matter, but she is also gentle with wounded hearts and spirits.

Cindy has personal experience with broken relationships. In 2010, her own marriage ended, after suffering decades of abuse. She understands both the frustration, the hurt and the hopelessness that can accompany a broken relationship. But she also knows the hope and help that God has provided for us. In her own words,

It only makes sense to live your life the way God designed it. I really like helping people find practical ways to apply God’s word.”