How can Cherut Ministries help us?

You’ve had a fight, for the umpteenth time this week, and your relationship is in serious trouble. You’re not sure you’re going to make it this time. You know you love your partner, but … you’re getting hurt, you’re hurting them, and is it really worth it to try to make it work?

It can be hard to see past the hurt and the frustration. We get it. Sometimes giving up seems like the easier and better option. But relationships — marriages — are worth saving. And we can help save yours, if you’re willing to try.

It takes work to save a marriage

God designed marriage for two people. You need to work together in order to make it work. The way God puts a man and a woman together in a relationship is beautiful and miraculous. But it isn’t instant. It’s a process of growing, of giving and forgiving, and it’s something that requires effort. This time, however, you aren’t going to be working alone. We’ll teach you how you can draw on God’s strength, and work with the way He designed you. And we’ll work with you every step of the way.

It takes risk to save a marriage

It’s a huge risk to get married. You’re literally trusting another person with your life! And when that person lets you down, it can be really hard to risk that much again. But in order to make a marriage work, you need to take that risk. This time, however, we’ll show you that you aren’t trusting another human being, but you’re trusting God. And God guarantees that no matter what happens, you’ll be ok. He will take care of you

It takes stubbornness to save a marriage

How stubborn are you? It’s so easy to give up when the going gets rough. But if you’re going to work this out, you’ll have to be willing to stick it out. And it will probably get harder before it gets better. You didn’t start out your marriage fighting (at least, we hope you didn’t!) Your relationship didn’t get into this state overnight. It’s the result of weeks, months and maybe even years of neglect, damage and disrespect. And it’s going to take time before your relationship is fully restored. Possibly even the rest of your life.

Are you prepared to go all in?

Cherut Ministries will give you the information, the tools and the guidance you need to repair your relationship. If you truly want to save your marriage though, all the info, tools and help isn’t going to change anything if you aren’t fully committed to giving the process a fair shot. You need to go all in. Risk it all.

Are you all in?


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